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Saturday - Sunday (Temple is Open from 4 PM to 5.00 PM)
Aarti Timings
4.30 PM


Monday -Friday (Temple is Open from 7 PM to 8PM)
Aarti Timings
7.30 PM

Ganesha and It's Meaning

An elephant's trunk has the strength to uproot a tree as well as the finesse to pick up a needle, Ganesha's trunk symbolises the fact that the wise person has both immense strength and fine discrimination. Read More


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Sri Ganesh
Sri Radhakrishna
Shri Hanuman Ji
Sri Somesvara Mahadeva
Sri Ram Pariwar
The Pranav
Sri Amba Mata
Sri Gayatri Mata
Sri Amba Mata
Sri Amba Mata
Sri Amba Mata